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RedHat, Fedora and Centos are effected when you want to update to PHP53.

The major problem is if you are using squirrelmail but if you are not then:

su - service httpd stop yum erase php php-common php-cli
The above command will unistall all php-* packages, so look at the output because you will need to reinstall all of them.

In my case I had
Erasing : php-gd 1/6 Erasing : php-cli 2/6 Erasing : php 3/6 Erasing : php-common 4/6 Erasing : php-pdo 5/6 Erasing : php-mysql 6/6

And I did reinstalled as follow
yum install php53 php53-gd php53-cli php53-common php53-pdo php53-mysql service httpd start

Before upgrading read php.net migration notes.

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