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If you didn't know, most Intel and AMD cpu's are vulnerable for Meltdown and/or Spectre.

My motto was always to make small fast PHP code without the overhead of big frameworks like Symphony, Laravel, Zend, Yii, etc. etc.
Also, we've tried to solve events/hooks management in a way that doesn't impact speed, like it does in WordPress.

Now Meltdown and/or Spectre could have a speed impact of 5% to 30% on a system depending on what is going on.
So this could potentially decrease speed of websites as well.

This morning we received a kernel patch against Meltdown and Spectre and i couldn't detect any speed issues.
This could be because our memory footprint is very low and also a few DB queries.

If someone could tell the impact of any other CMS/Framework i would like to know.

Server specs (Server OS / Apache / MySQL / PHP / DragonflyCMS):
Fedora 25 / Apache 2.4.27 / MariaDB 10.1.26 / PHP 7.1.10 / Mercurial

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The big impact (outside of VM's) is to DB access. The pay-off from CPG-Nuke/Dragonfly reduced DB queries was the first thing I thought of.

EDIT: Minor, but click Submit here without enabling Javascript gets you a red 'Security code error' banner. Might be a better way of raising the problem for the average person, eg. 'Javascript not enabled' or 'Javascript required'. Or simply don't even display the Reply panel in the first place if javascript is absolutely a requirement. (Preview worked!)

EDIT2: Further thought re above issue, normally with javascript display a placeholder text of 'Type message here' or similar, but if /noscript/ then display 'Javascript required in order to post here'.

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Server specs (Server OS / Apache / MySQL / PHP / DragonflyCMS):
Linux / 1.3.39 - 2.4.9 / 5.5.42 - 5.6.16 / 5.4.37 - 5.5.11 / 9.4

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