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We are receiving emails and messages from people who want to do something for CPG-Nuke. Some ideas are good and others are bad.
To stop the spamming, here are our goals, opportunities and guidelines.

Manager, groups, sections
  1. The founders of the project (DJMaze and Akamu) are capable enough to manage the project and have appointed a few people to help and manage the website and system
  2. The forum admins have the power to control the forums. When they or we think someone is capable to do the same, we give him the power. Anyone who asks will be ignored for a year.
  3. There's no option for you or someone else to change the structural hierarchy of this by for example saying: You're a manager, we are the development team, a debugger team, forum supporters.
  4. The found bugs and problems trough our bug report system will be solved and a url to the fixed file will be given as of versions 8.3 and up. Bug Reports and Fixes are only permitted in bug report system unless you notice an "high risk" vulnerability.

Donations, support
  1. Donations are always welcome and support the developers to keep going on and pay the net traffic bills.
  2. Our server is sponsored so don't bug us with your free server space to host CPG-Nuke, instead you may host a mirror or community (without our member database)
  3. You may ask money for the support you give, but you're not allowed to let people pay for the software.

Community sites
  1. When you want to host a community site you need cpgnuke.* (like or depending for which country you gonna run the website.
  2. Keep the site in the foreign language as much as possible
  3. You may freely use our CPG-Nuke logo and are allowed to modify it
  4. You may not block the downloads section for paid or members only. It must be available to all visitors at any time

Developers, bug fixers
  1. If you're capable enough to edit and program in PHP you can ask to be developer
  2. Developers are the only people who may edit the core files in CVS
  3. Translators may have CVS access to manage their own language
  4. The CVS will be made in branches and sub-versions to gain a good structure in the releases
  5. Members may only report bugs in the appropriate forums, and the programmers will fix them. Other people are NOT permitted to ask for such status

Merging of CMS projects and such
  1. We are always open to merge different projects
  2. Come with a plan yourself and don't ask us
  3. Be sure you can get the developers of both CMS on 1 line and have a good contact
  4. We don't permit idealists and single minded people
  5. You are the manager of the merge and don't raise money out of it for yourself, but give the money to the developers and find a way to gain money from it in a different way
  6. We hate people receiving money from a project which we made and maintain and don't donate to the project

I hope this clarifies our goals and permissions.

Server specs (Server OS / Apache / MySQL / PHP / DragonflyCMS):
Fedora 25 / Apache 2.4.27 / MariaDB 10.1.26 / PHP 7.1.10 / Mercurial

All times are UTC
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