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DJMaze wrote
Wide that's all what GPL is about.
Share your code and tell it to the world.

However by evaluating the person as mentioned above this wasn't the case and he was asking support for a derivative work (like asking ferari why their engine doesn't work in a ford)

Ofcourse we are open for any solution they will come up with.

I totally understand Wink

Big grin

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lets face the fact that cpgnuke is a cpgnuke they can't make it a better product because it is the best of the best Very Happy

just shraing my thoughts ......

- let it rain -

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yeah, although i'd like to see what direction pcnuke is going...

the major difference to cpgnuke and phpnuke is the security cpgnuke offers - what does pcnuke offer that cpgnuke does not?

This guy doesn't seem to have the ability to give a straight answer on anything. He states CPG's support was lacking and other silly reasons for the fork but it smells more like picking a winner from a barrel of bad open source apples and handing out shoddy reasons as to why a "Pcnuke" fork is even needed.

Their team members even in here gives the impression of a butler about to stab his master.

It's Forking rediculous.

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The rules here:

4a. www.cpgnuke.com exists to support CPG-Nuke CMS as made available for download on this site. No support will be given for versions of CPG-Nuke released or made available from other sites. This includes but is not limited to; mirrors, modded boards, modularised CPG-Nuke components, etc. Users of these boards should seek support at the site from where they obtained the package.

4k. Members who remove (or fail to display on their own template) this message will receive no support here. Users found adding copyrights back for a short period and then removing them after obtaining support will find that future aid will not be given.

AKA Akamu / Read these and your life will be successful | Find a Repair
Mods and Professional Support via YIM

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I will say this once again:

It's not about them using our work since that's allowed by GPL.
It is about them asking for help and support which is against our rules and regulations as akamu stated in the post above.

We don't have the power to stop you or anyone else from spamming their website.
However we do appreciate if you don't attack them since they don't violate the license. If they do violate it, then the appropiate actions will be taken thru the FSF (Free Software Foundation)

Untill we or the FSF announces a violation, no accusations should be made to a website or derivative work.
If you do feel someone is violating GPL rules then you can report that to the administrators.
A question about GPL can be asked in our GPL Forum

With this all said i will lock this topic now since pcnuke and seboyd2000 didn't reply to my message from page 1

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