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I'm about as "green" as they come. I don't know "html-php-mysql" or any of that cool stuff. But I am very excited to learn. I do Entertainment Promotion in Miami Fl. & hope to use my site as a marketing tool.

I know that "cpg-nuke" is quite easy to use. But I don't know any of the back end stuff! (set up my logo, Banner, Menu links on top banner, & other custom stuff) I have not found this to be very simple to say the least. I'm guesing it's because I don't know "html or php".

Anyhow, I have some time on my hands, so my question is; "Do I stand a chance learning this stuff, coming in this late in the game?" If so, where do I begin?

I had "Opensourcehost.com" take care of my installation for "free". By mistake, I asked them to install "php-nuke". They did, and then they reinstalled "cpg-nuke" at no charge (I'm such a knob). Those guys are fast & they hooked me up!

Sorry to ramble on, but I'm excited to be here, & I need someone to steer me in the right direction. Rolling Eyes

Thanks guys!

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Hi Tony

Best thing you can do is read everything you can find in these forums & try them out on your board. This place has some real good info.

Do things one at a time & do not rush stuff it will come to you.

Most important thing is to back up any file you plan on working on.

Always first try searching for something as you will most likely find it.

Look HERE for a good html tutorial.

Good Luck Big grin

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I would also suggest that you take a simple class in web site design. This will give you other people such as yourself to work together in a safe environment with a skilled instructor to walk you through the initial learning phase.

Then you can decide where to go from there. The problem with learning just online without any official structure is that you may learn bad things as well as good things and not know the difference.

Just a suggestion Smile

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Hi Tony,
From my link:

You will see any of the Peach Pit Press, Visual Quick Start Series are great for the newbie. They explain in a stright forward simple to understand format. I have a number of their titles.

Good Learning, webdev1

webdev1 wrote
I researched all the PHP books at Amazon and Larry Ullman had the best write ups, he has a web site for eratta, and he answers you in his forum. The books are Peach Pit Press, Visual Quick Start Series, good format.

I bought these:
PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites: Visual QuickPro Guide
by Larry Ullman (Author)
Click here

PHP for the World Wide Web : Visual QuickStart Guide (2nd Edition)*** Make sure you get new Second Edition
by Larry Ullman (Author)
Click here

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