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Archived ⇒ Is removing the link to credits page allowed ?

We do allow removing the link to the credits page for public view,

  • No support will be given to you in our forums
  • Pay someone if you need help
  • Pay someone for modifications/add-ons
  • Keep the link to the credits page in admin view

If you don't provide the staff a url to your website then you won't get free support either, since we don't know if you are trying to avoid above mentioned rules.

If you don't provide your website url in your profile settings for a good reason, then contact a admin with the website url and reason.

For example: your site runs on phpnuke and you are running Dragonfly locally to port your special module to our system. You can tell this to the admin in your pm with your IP.

He will add your URL to a special list for moderators only. All the moderators will know that you're a good person but due to your reasons don't give your url publicly.

The following members are available for paid support

note to members: if you want to be listed here then contact akamu, trevor or djmaze

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