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Hi im developing a community site, and has been using a long time figuring out what openspource php/mysql - solution that would fit my needs - was testing mambo - but that really isnt very community enhanced - and then i stumpled acros the dragon WOW - thats awesome - a complete solution with forum and galleries !! Seems also its alot easier to template the dragon .. im a design freak so thats cool to

So my question are - Confused
[I figured oout some of this stuff so i leave it here if any other noobs lurking]

1: Does DragonFly - output tablebased or CSS based design ?

[NO - but it seem it would be possible to modify it to do so in the template files - dont know if anyone made a 100% css based site yeat but i will give it a try .. ]

2:Im looking to incoorperate a User review section on my site - and have a block show toprated items - is that easy Smile

[There is a projekt working on a module right now

3: I would love to make a sorta POINT system - so active users that submit (articles,reviews,forum postings ect) are rewarded - so that the really active people in our community can have rewards like sponsored stuff - ANY ONE ever modded CPG to do this..

[There is a projekt working on a module right now

I guess i have to code some extra procedures on all the submit pages that update a Pointfield in the DB..

4: Can i code mo own "BLOCKS" and call them on any given content page ? [YES it seems quite easy]

5: I would love to have a multilingual site - that works so that when a user select nationality - all the content translated into this language are show + if not translated the original content.

[ ???????? ]

6. Could i have a TRANSLATE this on articles ect - so users could translate, and earn points credits for it

[ ???????? ]

SORRY for all this - but im a total noob in the cms field - And I would love to do as little modification to the core files as possible to be able to easy upgrade and patch - the site, for security issues ect
So if i can add these features in some kind of modular way - that will rock

Have a very very nice day - Very Happy

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In regards to a point system you may want to do a little search in the forums. There have been quite a few discussions about developing this. In particular you might want to check out the following posts:



Dantarion is currently developing a points mod for Dragonfly, so you might also want to check out his site:


Oh, and welcome to Dragonfly. I think you may also discover that the support here is awesome.

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OOh thanks alot - awesome the points concept is already under development - ill check out the posts ... mean while im stil trying to figure out how to get past my cookie problem in the Install - seems to be quite a few postings about this but - cant find a concrete solution

BUT NOW im sure i DO want to use dragonfly - its so much cooler than mambo and drupal .. if it would just install Smile

Best regards


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w2k/2.0.48/4.0.15/4.3.4/none yeat

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