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Wouldn't it be a good idea to start a anti-spam alliance that will provide info and details about businesses, ip's and domains that abuse our lives on the internet ?

Today i got sick of some %%&*&^*^&( who contacted us thru our "Contact Us" module and asking to join their company.
The message wasn't anything related to our business and the sender address didn't match with the IP he used either.

So by making a list of bad IP's, companies and domains we can make a huge list of material that should be blocked or redirected by any Dragonfly website.

For example if someone his is on the blacklist the email he tries to send to us will be send to the domain itself and not us including some info.

Say we recieved the following mail
Sender's Name: Chris McConnell
Sender's Email: chris @
Message: Dear Sir or Madam;
Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Chris McConnell and I am Vice President of
American International Trading Center d.b.a. AAAOE.COM in Margate, Florida. Our
company is a Global Marketing portal on the Internet, our URL is, and
provides buyers and sellers the opportunity to exchange goods and services

I would like to suggest an alliance between our companies to help promote your
Freight and Cargo Service by offering, discounts, informational services
through links and banners as well as advertising to my client members.


Chris McConnell
Vice President
American International Trading Center
5213 Coconut Creek Parkway
Margate, Florida 33063
chris @

Posted by IP:

Cool it seems we provide freight and cargo services Laughing
So will be on our blacklist and if someone uses the "Contact Us" module to send such spam the spam itself will be send to chris @ like this:
I'm sorry but you are on our anti-spam list so the message that you've tried to send is not recieved by us and is send to yourself.
If you try this again on a Dragonfly CMS site you will get the message over and over again instead of us.
Go to and tell us why you should removed from our blacklist system.
Your mail is attached below including the IP that is used for this spam action.

(spam message here)

Who loves this idea ?

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hmm, anything that does something about these bastards is fine by me Smile

How about a publicly viewable register of these pests.

Now all we need is some efficient means of dealing with the moronic hackers who keep plugging away, unsuccessfully, at our sites Evil or Very Mad

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Sounds good DJ!

So, I am assuming this will be a new feature in an up and coming version of Dragonfly?

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Love it. Like sending a letter bomb back to the sender. Twisted Evil - One Community for all. Hosted by:
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Sounds great to me, i think it would be nice also to list those pests, kinda like how sentinel listed banned ips in a block, but something like that with spam pests etc, this in turn might lose these companys money so it would be like a slap in the face for them to bother anyone with spam again.

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Spam is so annoying message, it need to be stop. what about on bottom said we will use your IP for purpose?

Firefox is my Favorite Browser

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99% of the spam I get is automated. All the tricks I've tried only keeps me on their spam list. The only people who actually see any replies are the ignorant saps who paid money for a "leads" list from some bastard who harvested addresses. (BTW harvesters couldn't care less about legal threats posted onsite -even if they saw them, and they don't). I've tried fighting list buyers -but for every one you "enlighten" there's 100 more noob saps buying the same list. It just got me 10 times more spam cos I was replying to the messages. Blocking domains and such kills off too many legitimate emails I think, cos of all the spoofing being done by the real spammers. And it'll never stop anyway, simply because spam works! It does for the guys on top. They make tons of money.

The occasional spam from a real person (idiot) I can deal with. 350 spams from 350 different addresses all with a link to some logo maker in Bum F%!# Egypt? -well, good luck stopping that legally. What I'd like is a button to send a million hits/emails to the company linked in the messages. But D.O.S. attacks can land you in jail no doubt. (USA)

How about a button to deliver and dump a truckload of manure on their front door? Yeah. I like it.
Man, when I hit the lottery I've got big plans for these pukes. Twisted Evil

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I would have to agree with larryphillips.
The best way to stop spam is to just block it. DO NOT reply to it. If you do then you have verified that the email address they sent there crap to is active and you will get a lot more.

I am all for blocking known spammers.

I am as sick of it as the next person.

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Ok let me explain:

In dragonfly you can change set the "from" and "to" addresses.
You website is also probably running "spam assassin" so there's no way you get the spam.

When they try to send email thru Dragonfly the mail is send to "" and the sender is "" so there's no way they know your email address.

Ofcourse there will be options in this process like:
- if email address is in blacklist list: send or block
- if IP is in blacklist: send or block
- if message contains: send or block

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ah ok.

I was off track and thinking more of the general global spam.

Sounds good DJ

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The only thing I would add is that they must PAY to be removed from the blacklist. Otherwise, right or wrong (we should still hold those accountable that cannot secure their machines) they remain forever on the list.

If they pay and then spam again, we readd them, and they have to pay twice as much to be removed, etc. etc.

Great idea.

j e r u v y a t y a h o o d o t c o m

Need help? Look here:
Need to chat? Look for me on

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I love this idea!

Kinda of what I do with "junk mail"
I wait until I get one of those "postage paid envelopes from some junk mail advertiser, then I mail their own junk mail back to them, in there postage paid envelope, along with whatever junk mail came with theres that day! lol Big grin

Please enter your server specs in your user profile! 😢

Would the blacklist update with an rss feed or just update on each new version?

jahmin not jamin

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I like junk mail it makes me feel like someone cares about me and wants to help by saving me money and time.


I think it's a great idea but I would not make a list that the public could view. Mistakes can be made and "Black Listing" some for public view is not cool. The fact that the hack would inform the sender that they are on a BL (if anyone even reads the return email) is good enough and makes the point. If I get this correctly the point is to not have to deal with junk mail and maybe stem the tide in the future by bringing this type function to bear on the issue.

Very good idea.

Gerald Scott
Asheville, NC US

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