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{article/topic_title} SpyHunter opens lawsuit against

Posted by DJ Maze on (995 views)
A bleeping computer moderator is sued by Enigma Software Group to shut his mouth up (SLAPP) regarding the bad reputation of SpyHunter.
Enigma is known for misleading advertisements by creating fake websites like,,,,, etcetera. (Yes, i've checked and verified because it uses very bad Dutch translations).
It is once listed on an AV-Test with a score of 0.1%, so go figure.

But nooo, Enigma doesn't tolerate this so bleeping computer has a lawsuit.

Therefore, i wonder how far they would go if i post this on a Europe located server with freedom of speech! :)
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{article/topic_title} v10 gets Emoji support

Posted by DJ Maze on (8989 views)
Dragonfly CMS slowly gets support for Unicode v7 with all Emoji's 😆
It will take a while but all 250 emoji will be supported 😓

{article/topic_title} Dragonfly CMS released!

Posted by NanoCaiordo on (1451 views)
Reference: Fixed multiple XSS vulnerabilities, some of which only theoricals, also includes bug fixes and some features. This is a very important release! Download here! Discuss here!

{article/topic_title} DizWebDesign Update

Posted by Dizfunkshunal on (1225 views)
How you all doing? Hope your well. I'm back open getting things organized and on the move again. So here what I have done: 1. Followed DF in putting themes in a cvs to better organize and manage the themes I have ported or made. Also helps to secure the themes from lose due to hard drive failure Some I have lost and are not recoverable but I have added the ones I could recover to the cvs. CVS HERE. Anyone who wants to contribute to the Themes CVS send me a pm. 2. Added new theme tf_assualt. Request to upgrade the theme so it would work with DF 9.3.3. Upgrade is complete and I also reworked the header images and completely re wrote the header html and moved all style info for header to style sheet. Still have some work left to do with it to clean up the templates. Download Here Bug Reports and Feature Requests Here Enjoy ! Diz

{article/topic_title} Dragonfly CMS v9.3.3

Posted by NanoCaiordo on (1698 views)
A new, enhanced and bug fixed, Dragonfly CMS version has just been released. We are now at v9.3.3, read release notes for more details.
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