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Modules Coppermine and Gallery Merge into 1 system

Posted by DJMaze on (3861 views)
In a move designed to stun the market, the Gallery team has publicly announced its plans to merge with the Coppermine project. "After Yahoo bought Flickr we started feeling a little bit left out! Why do those corporate droids get to do all the acquisitions?" asked Bharat Mediratta, co-founder of the Gallery project, in a joint press conference. Joachim "Gaugau" Müller, the lead developer for Coppermine, added "It's time for us open source guys to get in on the fun of burning money by making senseless acquisitions!"

Market analysts have been quick to point out that a merger will be tricky. The members of each team are scattered all over the globe, and most of them have never met each other in person. However, both teams are optimistic that things will go smoothly and are quick to downplay any tension between the projects."The rumors of a bar fight between Bharat and myself in Lisbon last year are completely unfounded", claimed GauGau. Bharat is quick to add "It was barely even an argument. Everybody *knows* that Emacs is superior to Vim."

The teams have agreed that the merged project with the catchy new name, "Gallercopperminery" will approach open source in a new and innovative way. Instead of providing a free, high quality product with world class tech support, the teams have agreed to switch to a model where they implement every single feature request that the users suggest in the forums. "The user always has a better idea of what features we should add, according to a recent Gartner report. Who are we to question that?" asks Christian Mohn, a senior Gallery support team member. "And," adds Christopher Brown-Floyd, a developer from the Coppermine team, "they always seem to know just how to implement the feature themselves so we don't have to design it ourselves. This saves us a lot of precious mental energy."

In addition to this novel approach, the team has decided that it will best serve the user's needs if it drops support for tricky operating systems like Unix and Windows and switch their focus to shipping the new product on the Sony Playstation Portable. "It's clear that every person on the planet will own a PSP before the end of the year, and it's much trendier than an iPod" exclaimed Jay Rossiter, a lead developer for the Gallery team.

Contact: Chris Kelly
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Awe man, I thought this was real at first. Too bad it isn't.

Would be nice if you guys all really did get together.

HaHa you got me up until the Gallcopperminery title. Razz

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It's clear that every person on the planet will own a PSP before the end of the year, and it's much trendier than an iPod...

seems you give me another reason to spend my savings Big grin

P(aint)S(hop)P(ro) not incliuded Laughing

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