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Posted by Jordo on (3083 views)
RSS version 2.3 has been released and is available at CPG Nuke Downloads Features include: -Submit, categorize, rate, comment on, view user submitted RSS Feeds!! -bbcode -admin configurable html on/off -assign groups to RSS Feeds and categories so that only members of those groups can view. -change configuration variables from admin page -5 blocks included -Admin configurable header and footer blocks -RSS and limited Atom support -Feeds are cached (checks to see if modified since admin configurable time, if not modified, uses cached feed) -Import and export feeds from the Dragonfly Headlines DB. -more! Get more info at
RSS Feeds Version 2.3-
-Added ability to select an existing block to display if admin chooses instead of typing text for header and footer blocks.
-Added ability to import feeds from CPG Headlines database
-Added ability to export feed to CPG Headlines database.
-Changed view formatting to get rid of the showing title and descriptions twice for each feed.
-Better Atom support
-Gave admin ability to clear all feed caches
-Added ability for admin to refresh feed's cache (Deletes the feed's stored cache and recreates with current feed info)
-Admins now see the parsed feed to assist in approving.
-Added preview a feed prior to submitting.
-Users and admins now only have to enter the url to submit a feed. The feed is parsed and Title and descriptions autopopulate with the feeds info.
-Fixed top and new table formatting again...
-Added Editor's pick block and ability for admin to change which feed shows
-A small cache fix
-Ability to change number of displayed items in random view block.
-Ability to change number of displayed items per feed
-Removed formating of parsed feed from parser and put the formating into index.php
-Each field is not output from parser as individual array values rather than one long formated string
-Added check for URL already exists during feed submission and admin entry
-More encoding/decoding/parsing fixes
-if-modified conditional get fix
-Show new location if 302 or 301 received
-Fixed xml error reporting in validate xml


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