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Posted by djdevon3 on (3872 views)
The actual theme name is called HL2 which stands for HalfLife2. It's meant for HL2 clans that play HL2CTF or CS:Source. The original design is by Destine Designs for PHP-Nuke. Ported to DragonflyCMS by yours truly. This is a very high quality port and it's free! This is a very highly modified version of the original to make it better. Basically the only thing left of the original theme is the header and sideblock graphics. It features customized news and forums as usual plus a brand new coppermine template that looks and performs great. Upgrades include collapsable side blocks. Downloads_Pro graphics already in the theme. Complete PSD files and extra graphics. Please rate the download and leave some nice comments on it once you've checked it out. I worked my tail off on this one and hopefully it shows. It can be downloaded from: DragonflyCMS.org Downloads or TreasureCoastDesigns.com Downloads Enjoy! :-D



There are some bug reports coming in now that I've fixed.
I've also noticed that there are a ton of css and graphic errors.
I will fix all of them and make it xhtml compliant for faster load times.
Look for a version 2 in the downloads section soon.
Currently the download is labeled with version 1 because I thought this would happen. No worries though I'm on it.

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There is also a problem with centering a block,
if you do center up the news and all of the right blocks will go to the bottom of the site. If you do center down you don;t have a block border around the text.

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ok i'll get that fixed. i just finished fixing coppermine's img_navmenu graphics. still having big trouble with coppermines mainmenu graphics. after that then i'll fix the center blocks and that should just about do it for this theme.

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