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Posted by Rayvenhaus on (3028 views)
Well, it's not the run for the White House, but it's a heck of a lot more important in our eyes! :-D Now that the "Great Rename the Bulletin Board" survey is compelted, we've compiled the names sugegsted and created another survey. This time, however, it's not just a survey. You'll be voting on the future name of the Forums that we are programming for the Dragonfly CMS (Currently called CPGBB). To take part in this epic endeavor, simply visit this link and register with a valid email address. A token will be sent to that address and you'll be able to vote. This is done to ensure that the standard of "One Person, One Vote" holds true. I strongly suggest that you take part in this and let your voice be heard!
The following names are on the list for you to choose from: Forums Pro Big Bad Boards CPGBB Damselfly Deathboard DFBB dForums Dragon Forums Dragon Board Dragonfly Forums Forums Mosquito Xanadu Have run and lets ROCK THE VOTE!!!!!!!!


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