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Posted by Rayvenhaus on (3847 views)
It appears that the holidays did in fact break the planned release date of the long anticipated Forums Pro At the last minute, after the majority of the dev team had gone off for the holidays, a significant bug was discovered in the sub forums code and I decided to not allow the 'We are all Jelly Donuts' release of 'Gaia' aka 'ForumsPro'to hit the streets. I thought it better to hold the release than release something that is buggy. It's not the "professional" thing to do! :) Anyways, this release will come off in the next few days as soon as the dev team gets back to work and I'm sure you'll be dutifully impressed. We are, as always, running the most current snapshot from the CVS server at the MwA Website.



I respect the fact that you did not release it with a known bug. If all software releases were only thought of so highly. Kudos to you and your team, and I am looking forward to this Module!

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