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Dragonfly CMS Many congratulations for your Services award 2005

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To all Staff and Members at

Many congratulations for your Services award 2005.

We would like to confirm that you have been awarded with a GOLD Award

Gold Services Award
This will auto place you for the supreme awards of which only one award is given out per year on News Years Eve. Ok i hear you say where to from here..
  • Press release will be sent out
  • Submissions to other on-line news letters
  • Front page review on the RGW Website
  • You will be placed on the Winners Page as confirmation
You too can shout out wherever you have contacts... Once again many thanks for all your hard work from the programming, security to help and support has been of outstanding Quality along with the artistic work on all your modules. Your community at CPG should be very proud for all that they have achieved throughout 2005. We will be looking forward to a bright 2006 as i have already read on your site of the incredible modules that are yet to come

Yours with many thanks

Station Founder & Indie Promotions Director
Radio Gets Wild Tim Daymond & Dee Chapman



why does cpg/df get a "radio" award?

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DJ Maze is main Admin staff to RGW of which we have always been in full support of dragonfly and all the work he has done alongside the community. This award is not about music its about the work and support that has been shown by everyone within the community. RGW has three dragonfly sites and choose to award your community, along with many other services that have shown to many others people outstanding hard work and team workmanship.

Tim Station Founder

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