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Featured Downloads Pro news: beta 3, reduced shareware price

Posted by Trevor on (5136 views)
Downloads Pro beta 3 (v3.0.0.8) released I'm very pleased to announce the release of Downloads Pro beta 3! Beta 2 was released in December, so this release is long-overdue. This website has been running the latest CVS of the module for several months now, and you may have noticed the public mirror submission system. This is a core feature of beta 3, as well as the beginnings of l10n-compatibility. The module will be fully compatible with l10n standards very soon, at which point Downloads Pro final will be released. Download Now! Price of shareware license reduced The price of the shareware license has been reduced to $40. Benefits of the shareware license include:
  • priority technical support and service
  • ability to promote and or sell commercial/shareware products through the module
  • authorization to remove the output of copyright notices (but you may NOT remove credits from the source files)
Purchase the shareware license Call for suggestions! I am very interested to hear what you guys want in this module. Please drop your suggestions in this thread. Thanks!


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