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Posted by dcollis on (2429 views)
We know its been a long wait for this much requested module. The idea of a user customisable profile module for Dragonfly was first suggested on the dfbounty forums in March this year and progress was slow to non-existent until the fivemind team made headway by starting from scratch in late April. Two months of solid development (yes, with the odd stall here and there) and we're ready for an alpha release. You can try it out here. Download it here (installation instructions in the Readme) and read the documentation. Most importantly, tell us of any bugs or feature requests.
We're confident that this revolutionary module will give users unprecendented freedom in creating their profile pages. The design page allows the user to place, resize and configure blocks in any way they desire using our responsive and intuitive interface. The blocks available range from the usual dragonfly fayre (user info, avatar, last forum posts, last news comments, last blog postings etc.) to the powerful freeform HTML block using the TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor to give the user complete control over their page's content. The finished profile can then be viewed through the usual dragonfly profile links or as a standalone page via a personal url (e.g. The choice of theme used for standalone mode is completely up to the user. Block designers will quickly get to grips with the powerful configuration system when they require the user to input data. It's just a case of declaring the required input fields in the block file, and when the user clicks to edit a block's content the form will appear - all syncronised seamlessly with AJAX. (For more information, see the wiki.) So please, try it out and let us know your thoughts (this is an alpha version remember - be nice!).


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