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Featured Open Source Content Management System Award Launched

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Packt is pleased to announce details of the first Open Source Content Management System Award. This is a $5,000 award presented to an open source Content Management System that has been voted 'the best' by an expert panel of judges and visitors to Nominations for the Award will commence on Monday July 24... If you're a fan of a particular CMS or if you're part of a CMS project team, then we're looking for your nominations. We want to compile a list of open source Content Management Systems that will be put forward to win $5,000 and the title of Packt Open Source CMS, 2006. The five CMS's that receive the most nominations will go forward to the final round. The final five will then be voted for by a panel of expert judges and visitors to with the winner being announced later this year. You can put forward your nomination here: For more information about the Award, please visit:


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