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Posted by scetter on (3288 views)
Hi all, There is now an upgrade for the subscriptions module! :smile: At version 2.2.0 now, some needed changes have been made. New Version Download Read on for changes details
Admin side: --- You will now have the option of setting the group or rank changes to on or off per Subscription --- Changed the add new subscriber to entering the username instead of using a dropdown list --- You can now view subscribers per subscription and the subscribers will be broken down into pages of 25 User End: --- Users can now renew their subscriptions before they expire thru a link in the block or the subscriptions list --- Block has been updated to look better with more links --- Date format changed for easier user view Core: --- Made settings to cache to cut down on querries --- Language compadibility is mostly done, user side is set, admin side will be done in the next few days As some of you may know StormPay stopped using outside sales. Well now they started them up again so you should now be able to use that again also. Thought I would inform of this. That's all for now Cheers scetter


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