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Posted by Dizfunkshunal on (3174 views)
ok this is my first time releasing anything. wish me luck. I am releasing my first ported theme. Fire theme created by disipal at disipal.net. Now named Diz_Fire.
Its not finished completely yet. so this release is gonna be called Beta1. I know of a few things that need to be changed. But I dont have time to go through every thing to find bugs,etc. so i thought I would let this one fly and see what every one thinks. its simple fast loading theme except for the background image. if you have dial up you might have to wait a few seconds to get the back ground. I got an email from Disipal getting permission to port 2 themes this one is the first. Well let me know what you all think. Can be downloaded at Here in the Downloads Section (da). I am really nervous for some reason lol



I release all of my ported themes under the DF_ naming convention and any originals are done as TCD_. I would like to see all Dragonfly themes follow that same convention that way people know what is original and what is ported. That way it gives the originating author a little bit more credit in the theme. It will also give you more credit and satisfaction when putting on your own prefix.

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ok I like that ill change the name to DF_Fire. oh and i made downloads section non registration required so anyone can downloadthem even if there not registered. registering would be nice need to get my numbers up lol

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