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Posted by djdevon3 on (3305 views)
I've released a couple more theme tutorials over at TCD. They are in the downloads section under video tutorials. I'm releasing them as AVI format and no longer doing SWF format. The file size is larger but it's only 1 file and no longer includes swf formatted media bars. Now you can use your favorite movie player such as Windows Movie Player or equivilent to control the flow of the tutorial. The file sizes are much larger but I'm the one hosting them and have no problem with keeping the larger files on the server. Download speeds from my site are normally in the higher end of the spectrum. New Tutorials: 1 - 100% to fixed width theme conversion. 2 - Editing header links and banner placement. 3 - Adding date/timestamp and header login box. 4 - Adding avatar and private message notification to header.


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