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Posted by Dizfunkshunal on (2458 views)
This community was created for those Webmasters who love their CPG Dragonfly™ CMS Website and want to share it! In our opinion, it's the best Open Source Content Management System!
But there are so many Dragonfly Communties, what is the difference? Yes, there are plenty of CPG Dragonfly™ CMS themed sites that provide all kinds of resources from Themes, Hacks and Addons. This is a member referral community, so we do not directly provide downloads to any CPG Dragonfly™ CMS content. Our members provide direct web links to places where you can obtain what you need for your Site. It's simple; a community where we exchange CPG Dragonfly™ CMS related information and resources. Sharing, participating and fellowship is what we hope to provide! If your not a supporter of CPG Dragonfly™ CMS or seeking to positively contribute to our Community, this may not be the place for you. We are not here to discourage or to negatively imply any heresay murmerings about CPG Dragonfly™ CMS, System, Website, Developers, Administrators or how they choose to operate. We like our CPG Dragonfly™ CMS and choose to help ourselves and others to work together to find the best solutions! By registering with this community you can help show your support for CPG Dragonfly™ CMS.


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