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The Official Dragonfly CMS Toolbar

By kind permission of DJ Maze we would like to present to you the Dragonfly CMS Toolbar. This toolbar has auto update so we have started the basic links within it including 2 way notice board for module and theme releases, along with RSS and website links and links to other friendly dragonfly resources. read more for full current features

If you would like to be included with your website links to your resources and RSS news please drop me an email. There's support for both explorer and firefox toolbars. What would you like to see on your toolbar that would be most useful and handy for everyone. I.E. from users to developers. See read more for further info click the banner for the download page for the toolbar cheers to you all (to see just what's possible check out RGW Toolbar with webcam recording and editing. here.. Have a wicked 2007 everyone... Tim Station Founder Radio Gets Wild

Download Page Click the banner

Send me your Links and ideas to what you want and need to see on the toolbar or if you are a developer you can make new toys to add and submit them. send to

On the toolbar at present is

[*] Links to the dragonfly website [*] Links to dragonfly resources [*] 2 way rss message system [*] RSS Links to dragonfly News [*] Radio Station listening [*] Webcam recording and messaging send via email or instant messengers [*] Pop up blocker [*] Clear Browser cache [*] Clear History [*] Clear Cookies [*] Email Notify [*] Weather [*] Search [*] Webpage word Highlighter [*] In options you can have MS Word , outlook exile power point, access  icons about 15 applications in all. [/list:o]

Please make sure after installing the toolbar you choose the logo drop down and shrink the toolbar to fit everything in also regular refresh toolbar for new link and feature updates.

Best wishes to everyone

Tim Station Founder Radio Gets Wild


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