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Security Your computer will be prevented from running shareware or freeware

Posted by DJMaze on (4500 views)
TCPA stands for Trusted Computing Platform Alliance. For the technology we will speak from TCP (The trusted computing platform). This plans that every computer will have a TPM (Trusted Platform Module), also known as Fritz-Chip, built-in. At later development stages, these functions will be directly included into CPUs, graphiccards, harddisks, soundcards, bios and so on. This will secure that the computer is in a TCPA-conform state and that he checks that it's always in this state. This means: On the first level comes the hardware, on the second comes TCPA and then comes the user. The complete communication works with a 2048 bit strong encryption, so it's also secure enough to make it impossible to decrypt this in realtime for a longer time. This secures that the TCPA can prevent any unwanted software and hardware.
The long term result will be that it will be impossible to use hardware and software that's not approved by the TCPA. Presumably there will be high costs to get this certification and that these would be too much for little and mid-range companies. Therefore open-source and freeware would be condemned to die, because without such a certification the software will simply not work. In the long term only the big companies would survive and could control the market as they would like. Some could think that it should be possible to get around this security. But probably they would be proved they're wrong. Until now there're no such hardware-implemented security systems and actual security systems have to work offline. This would be changed with TCP. The rights and licenses would be central managed by the TCPA (USA?). And as soon a violation is noticed, they will get notified. Read the chapter "The bills" to get an overview about the possible resulting consequences. Read the full story here



This is the same paranoid crap that was being spewed when paladium was announced, yes it's annoying, but i first have to see whether or not this will ever happen.

Let's not forget that a lot of hardware comes from asia, and i think that asia is more then willing to produce products without this crap. If the US is the only country that will enforce this 'law' then it will have a big problem and countries like russia, india, and china will have the oppertunity to enter the international software market as market leaders...

It wouldn't suprise me that there would be software solutions for the tcpa (a tcpa virtual machine on a non-tcpa machine)...

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The encryption is simply to high, there isn't a computer fast enough to run a "virtual machine" like that, and there won't be one anytime in the near future. (Which by the time there will be stronger encryption on it so it still won't be ably to work.) And though the law probablly won't pass, tcpa software won't work on other comps, and all the big devlopers will program for tcpa compliant computers.

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ummm i'll just stick to what i have now : )


*on a side note, for some reason when i was viewing the comments posts, i see a "moderate" button underneath that just clicksto the article...?

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As with most blades or daggers this one too is double-edged.

TCPA is an important standard to get to, since we all know the necessity to secure the desktop from intrusion. This group even if they are being a bit underhanded in their desire and want, realize that this is an important groundbreaking approach for the future.

Windows 2000/XP taught us that we can make a supposedly insecure desktop and secure it to meet established criteria, and linux hardening projects have had their own degrees of success establishing the core, these folks realize that just a rogue driver install can undo all that hard work, or allowing the user to establish a private confidential directory to a FAT32 USB key drive just POOF's away the security.

Whether or not the user goes this route is really I agree more of an issue with foreign manufactures and not us consumer types.

Just my thoughts, not yours.

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