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Posted by Dizfunkshunal on (3094 views)
Well I have made a few more tutorials. admin tutorials : 1. Blocks - activating and positioning. 2. Blocks - add, remove, changing. 3. Editing Meta Tags 4. How to Delete a user (NOT RECOMMENDED) 5. How to turn on LEO (Link Engine Optimization) 6. Maintenance Mode ON/OFF 7. UnBan yourself and/or a regular member
users tutorials 1. How to create a thread and reply to posts in the forums in detail 2. How to create Photo Albums and Upload Pictures For gamers : 1. Adding yourself to a clan on 2. How to add a server to bf2cc 3. How to warn kick and ban More will come - all tutorals can be found HERE . Have fun.



Video tutorials sound great! A bit hard to find though? The word HERE has no link ... and Dizfunkshunal's own site seem to be down ... hm ...

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HERE was a link I don't know who made it not a link. but oh well. My site is back up and running on a new host with a new look. All my tutorials are back up. With there own catagory in which to make them easy to find.

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