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Posted by djdevon3 on (3207 views)
You only have to see this theme once to fall in love with it. A collaborative theme port by Musox.com and TreasureCoastDesigns.com from Mephisto Wordpress with permission from the author. This theme will help usher in a new level of theme design for DragonflyCMS. It features a color/style switch that instantly changes colors of the stylesheet between 7 default colors! Demo is running on TreasureCoastDesigns.com. Another reason why this theme is so great is because it will help theme designers build themes with different colors built in. No more installing 10 of the same theme but in different colors. Do it in 1 theme!
The theme itself is under the creative commons license to remain free to the public. Theme designers out there can dissect the theme for the color switcher and how to create a theme with dual right blocks (no admin>block changes necessary). You can use the color switcher in other themes but the technique done with DF_Skittlish has been redone much better in the upcoming TCD_StyleSwitch. Keep an eye out for it. That's the one that DF theme designers are going to go bonkers for. I have no doubt that DF_Skittlish will become a very popular free theme for DragonflyCMS.


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