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Dragonfly CMS Upstate Spreads It's Eggs

Posted by Chris420 on (8436 views)

I've upgraded all aspects of my server and Upstate Templates is now a multi-portal system. This will allow me to generate a few bucks for the costs, offer a mixed bag of free and premium content, and promote dynamic Swishmax and Flash in general. The only way to effectively test code for a portal is to tap into it live and the only way to do that is run one. The first 3 installed are CPG-Nuke (of course!), Xoops 2 and RunCMS (eXoops). Every item for CPG-Nuke is a dual purpose item that also has all files commented for use in PHP-Nuke. All items are tested on a PHP-Nuke portal I run that does not take hits but is used for development. I plan on taking on 1-2 more opensource portals and have already downloaded eNvolution and e107 to install and toss around with to see what all the hullabaloo is about ;)

The main loader will now inform users of what portals are installed, their general status and also link into each.

Registrations are now OPTIONAL and though Xoops forces the issue a bit, the settings are set for immediate entry without admin approval or email. Fill in the blanks, you're in. Downloads will also be handled locally without tracking stats or usernames (other than purchasers via reciept). If it's listed as free, it's just that, free. Guests as well as members can have at it freely and without security codes or hoops. Those kind enough to purchase the premium code will conduct all transactions with encrypted transfers and immediate download upon completion. I am paypal premier and know what you expect and deliver!

So if you're interested in making that boring old portal come to life, stop by and grab a block or two.


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