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Dragonfly CMS Open Source CMS Award, 2007

Posted by greenday2k on (2816 views) has opened Nominations for its Open Source CMS Award, 2007, there are a few categories, where DragonFly CMS could compete and win: * Overall Winner, Open Source CMS Award (prizes: 1. $5,000, 2. $3,000, 3. $2,000 ) * Most Promising Open Source Content Management System * Best Open Source PHP Content Management System (prize : $2,000 ) * Best Other Open Source Content Management System * Best Open Source Social Networking Content Management System wrote
[...]we are asking the judges to consider a number of factors including performance, usability, accessibility, ease of configuration and customization, scalability, security and community contribution. We believe that these are the elements that make up a fantastic CMS
(The text in bold is mine) To nominate our favourite CMS just go to choose a category and fill a small form. Lets support DragonFly CMS! Rock The vote for DragonFly CMS! And Spread our experiences with DragonFly CMS.


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