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Dragonfly CMS DragonflyCMS New Block System Tutorial

Posted by Dizfunkshunal on (3897 views)
The next version of DragonflyCMS will have a new block system with a few added features. In the past new changes have confused some people and made it difficult for new users of DragonflyCMS to figure out how to use the system. Which is perfectly understandable. Anything new takes us all time to adjust and learn. I have made a tutorial to show everyone how to use the new block system to make the transition from the old block system to the new easy and fast. The new block admin section has completely changed. As well as the added ability to choose what position you want each block in (left, right, center up, or center down) per module. Enough of me talking have a look see for yourself Click HERE .



Thanks for the tutorial man!

I didn't even know that kind of cool stuff exists, though I have CVS always updated and it's not in cvs... I'll go search trough whole forum now, to see what I missed.

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