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Dragonfly CMS Dragonfly goes PHP 5

Posted by DJ Maze on (11954 views)

Go PHP5. You may have heard of it, you may not. Go PHP 5 is a strong initiative which is trying to push for vital change in the PHP community. PHP has a hefty following of developers and and has served those developers well. However, PHP 5 has been ignored by the majority of hosts and large projects for far too long now. Given that PHP 6 is now in major development isn't about time companies let go of the past and allowed change for the better? With companies refusing to upgrade, developers are forced to code for PHP 4 (including myself!). With developers still providing so much code for PHP 4, hosting companies are reluctant to upgrade. It's a vicious circle that has been a sticking point for a long time.

Switch to PHP 5.2 before February 5th, 2008

Go PHP 5, widely accepted by anyone involved with PHP development, was set up to bring about the change that's needed. It sets a deadline for projects to cease all support for PHP4 and move to PHP 5.2. Projects may take the pledge at their own discretion but the more projects in agreement, the more pressure to move.

February 5th, 2008 - Dragonfly CMS goes PHP 5!


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