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Security Microsoft back in court for lawsuits stemming from antitrust

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Five state counties and two cities have filed a class-action lawsuit against the software giant for using its monopoly power to deny government agencies free choice in software products and charge high prices. The legal action, filed by the city and county of San Francisco, said that Microsoft's tactics caused harm to government users of its Windows operating system and Word and Excel software.
"It's anticompetitive, it's predatory, and it denies consumers, and in this case taxpayers, the benefits of innovation that a free marketplace should provide," Dennis Herrera, attorney for the city of San Francisco, said in a statement. The lawsuit follows successful class actions against Microsoft in several states, including a $1.1 billion award to California consumers. The same law firm that argued that civil action is representing California counties and cities in the latest legal maneuver. The lawsuit, which could recoup millions of dollars for the California government, also comes as the state took out loans to compensate for a $15 billion budget shortfall. Microsoft had not seen the complaint against the company, but a representative said Microsoft's policies have been fair. "We value our relationship with these cities and are grateful for the opportunity to provide them with software at very reasonable prices," said Stacy Drake, a spokeswoman for the Redmond, Wash., company. The city and county of Los Angeles, Santa Clara County, San Mateo County and Contra Costa County are all taking part in the class action. Read the full story here



oh blah, anyone and everyone is trying to squeeze every penny out of microsoft...sheeshe

california is dumb, because microsoft added to their economy in the first place, and if their government (well actually all of usa's government) is stupid enough to just choose microsoft over it's competitors...duh people

i think it's just a sly way of trying to get back money they already spent...stupid bureaucrats...

why not go with freaking free taxpayer money used, EVER

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