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Dragonfly CMS v10

Posted by DJ Maze on (1130 views)
Dragonfly CMS v10 finally released.
After many years of development we hopefully found new ground for the revamped Dragonfly CMS.
You all think "why took it so long?", well that is easy to explain:
  • Protect passwords with Argon2i, Bcrypt and any other custom method you want
  • New SSO login supporting OpenID, OpenID Connect, Facebook, etc.
  • New template system using TAL (Template Attribute Language)
  • Package manager for easy installing of updates, modules, languages and other
  • Tiny PHAR based installer
  • Got rid of "GMT" settings and changed to the default PHP DateTimeZone database
  • Two-factor TOTP login for admins
  • Isolated the modules to /modules/*/ (blocks, languages, templates, etc.)
  • Classes changed to use namespace
  • Language files now using ISO 639 ('nl' instead of 'dutch', because there's also something like 'nl-be' for Belgium)
  • PHP 7.2 compatible
  • New embedded WYSIWYG that supports TAL
  • New non-intrusive JavaScript library
  • New SQL/Database classes and functions
  • New Image manipulation classes that supports GD, GMagick and IMagick
  • New blocks management system
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Emoji's
  • Groups & Private Messages modules now fully separated from Forums code
  • Stories_Archive module merged into News module
  • Improved comments and surveys systems
  • Events (hook) system
  • And many more things!

Upgrade information can be found:


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