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Posted by AbraCadaver on (9815 views)
The FINAL Beta for version 1.7 of the AutoTheme HTML Theme System has been released for purchasers of AutoTheme 1.0. This beta now supports the CPG-Nuke CMS! Bugs have been squashed and new features have been finalized. Get it in the downloads at Spidean * The free GPL AT-Lite .8 for CPG-Nuke will be released in several days.
AutoTheme is an HTML Theme System for the PostNuke, PHP-Nuke, eNvolution, MD-Pro and CPG-Nuke CMSs. The current theme system usually requires you to be somewhat familiar with PHP and the PostNuke or PHP-Nuke architecture. If you are not very familiar with PHP and/or the CMS, AutoTheme removes this complexity. AutoTheme's primary benefit is providing users the ability to create themes in HTML using their favorite editor, with no use of PHP. In addition, AutoTheme provides easy customization of every part of your site; including block display, custom templates for the Home Page, User Pages and Admin Pages and individual modules. The addition of AutoBlocks provides unlimited locations for your blocks. All AutoTheme settings are easily configured from a graphical administration interface that is integrated into the CMS.


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