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Posted by AbraCadaver on (11334 views)
I have converted 144 free themes to the AutoTheme HTML Theme System. They are now easily edited in an HTML editor and customizable with all of the power of AutoTheme. These are previously released themes, but now they are easily modified by anyone and all module pages and blocks are customizable with HTML templates! Also, add simple AutoTheme tag commands in to the HTML to add things like a search field, login field, date/time, etc... These themes run on all of the AutoTheme supported platforms, unmodified; currently, PostNuke, PHP-Nuke, MD-Pro, CPG-Nuke and eNvo. Preview and Download Check the preview and download block on the right. Some may need minor HTML editing, with the most common issue being the image path in the image src or background. These are great starting points for you to easily create your own special theme using only HTML!
List of themes: AT-0ri0n AT-amigoz-net AT-Anagram AT-Andrew AT-Aqua AT-Atlantyd AT-awonuke AT-babynuke AT-Bitrate AT-Blue1 AT-Blue2 AT-BlueBump AT-bluechrome AT-Bright AT-Cirrus AT-Cirrus_Aqua AT-ckfcphp AT-Clouds AT-Cyan1 AT-Cyan2 AT-danda AT-DarkBlueCS1 AT-DarkBlueCSflash AT-Darkside AT-DarkSimplyBlue AT-darkstyle AT-DarkTable AT-Dermis AT-deviantNuke AT-Dharma AT-Digital-blue AT-DJ AT-Duke AT-Duke2 AT-edazine AT-Enigma AT-Enigmaroon AT-ereka AT-evolution AT-fmII-5x AT-FungKu AT-fusion-radio AT-Giga_metalayout AT-Giga_metalurgia AT-Giga_metalurgia2 AT-Giga_mover AT-Giga_sliceblu AT-Green1 AT-Green2 AT-Gridlock AT-Halloween AT-Hybrid AT-ilVeneto AT-injeKtion AT-injeKtion_Flash AT-iNuke_Graphite AT-iNuke_Indigo AT-iNuke_Quicktime AT-iNuke_Ruby AT-iNuke_Sage AT-iNuke_Snow AT-K-Be AT-K-BE-Dark AT-K-BixLight AT-K-Design AT-K-ompagny AT-K-winter AT-Kaput2 AT-Karate AT-KodBlue2 AT-Korporate AT-Kwondo AT-K_apsule AT-K_web_os AT-LinDev_Xatrix AT-LinuxCom AT-LocalFoo2 AT-LOUZDESUN AT-Lunch AT-malaysianPHPNuker AT-malloq AT-markpeters_net AT-Maroon AT-Megalithic AT-Milo AT-MT AT-Mustard AT-NexenDream AT-Nirvana AT-NiTrOgEn AT-nowhereusa AT-NukeNews AT-NukeNews-yellow AT-NukeNews_Flash AT-nukesolution AT-NukeTest AT-OpenNuke AT-Orange AT-Paper AT-PCTalk3 AT-phpnuke-dk-1 AT-PhpNukeShop AT-Purple1 AT-Purple2 AT-Quantum AT-Reality AT-Red1 AT-Red2 AT-roticanai AT-sahara AT-Securit AT-SimplyBlue AT-Slash AT-SlashOcean AT-Slate AT-Somara-Platinum AT-Somara-XP AT-Somara-Yellow AT-Somara-Yellow-Borderless AT-Somara-Yellow-Flash-Logo AT-Spaghetti AT-Sumo AT-sunny AT-Sunset AT-Tech AT-Traditional AT-Ultimate AT-UltraForum AT-UltraSteel AT-UltraSteel_NoFlash AT-USA_Nuked AT-Vision AT-Warped AT-WebDesignHQ AT-WebDesignHQ2 AT-WebDesignHQ_Flash AT-XBlue AT-XGreen AT-XPurple AT-XRed AT-xtmultiKhaki AT-yakk1 AT-Yellow1 AT-Yellow2
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