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Posted by akamu on (9221 views)
We were going to call the soon coming release CPG-Nuke OpenSpirit but after some searching we found the OpenSpirit® Software Corporation we contacted them:
Dears Sirs, We are the project managers for the opensource portal CPG-Nuke. We have highly modified phpnuke to be safe fast and secure as well as a host of bug fixes and new features. You can checkout our features at our site htp:// which is running the latest version from our CVS. The reason we are writing to you is that we planned on calling this release of our content management system "CPG-Nuke 9.0 OpenSpirit". After a web search we found that you are claiming trademark on this name and ask your permission use this as a subname of our release, our software will be continued to be called CPG-Nuke but the release will be named OpenSpirit. We thank you for your time,...
They responded
We received your request for permission to use the "OpenSpirit" name for your software, but we must deny your request. We have a U.S. trademark for OpenSpirit (Registration No. 2884603, first use 1998) which is used for our suite of software products. Therefore, we are very concerned that any other software product using the OpenSpirit name would create potential confusion in the marketplace. I would appreciate if you would confirm that you have received my e-mail and that you will change the name of your software to something other than "OpenSpirit." This will avoid us having to get our attorneys involved to send a more formal letter. We do appreciate that you contacted us early on in the process. Yours truly, Dan Piette President and CEO OpenSpirit Corp.
I replied with a link to this article
Dan Piette wrote
Thanks, I appreciate the prompt response. Good luck with Dragonfly. Cheers, Dan
So the search is on..... CPG-Nuke 9.0 - Dragonfly™ (First Use 20041007)
We like Dragonfly™ and would like to hear your thoughts on it... I have searched both at The WIPO and the USPTO and have found no current trade or servicemark related to content management systems/software and Dragonfly. Dragonflies have a top flight speed of up to 100 km/h Dragonflies are ancient insects. They were around before the dinosaurs! Ancient dragonflies may have been considerably larger than those we see today. A fossilized impression of a dragonfly wing, found in a coal mine in England, is the oldest known dragonfly specimen. This dragonfly lived 300 million years ago and had a wingspan of eight inches. The largest known dragonfly had a wingspan of 24 inches (two feet). Today, the largest dragonfly is found in South America and has a wingspan of slightly over seven inches. Other than being smaller, modern-day dragonflies do not look very different from their ancestors. Dragonflies are sometimes called "mosquito hawk" because they catch and eat so many mosquitoes. Always on the hunt, dragonflies consume gnats, flies, and mosquitoes--all of which humans consider pests. Dragonflies' ability to maneuver makes them able to out-fly their prey.
Native American Animal Totems wrote
Dragon Fly: You are the quite messenger and harbinger of order, leaving in your wake the well thought out systems of filing codes and protocols that only you fully understand. Your nature is basically utilitarian and you know that efficiency is only achieved by repetition, attention to detail, and discipline. You love to see how many things you can do quickly and well and at all times you can bring your spot light vision and superb mind to the given matter at hand. You love routine, and believe you and others function better within them.



BluSpirit: blu like the sky, the ocean like cpgnuke theme, blu is a 1 of the three basilar color so necessary, blu means freedom and security.

RedSpirit: red like ferrari, fire, love, fear and power. You will find red in all english speaking flag's states like usa, australia, canada and uk, red is one of the three basilar color as well so you need that!

I used to love OpenSpirit but BluSpirit and RedSpirit are good alternatives for my opinion.

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wow that was cool

how about the (freeSpirit)


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what about something more thoughtful and elegant?

"Elysium" - a place or condition of ideal happiness;

or of you want it sound more aggressive call it
"Torero" or "Matador" and that would be really symbolic because both words mean kinda the same and it is:
" the principal bullfighter who is appointed to make the final passes and kill the bull". Related words: Corrida and Toreador.

Bossa Nova - first word means "highest in rank". NOVA means " a star that ejects some of its material in the form of a cloud and become more luminous in the process". Do i have to explain what BossaNova" means?


You know like people say that "wine gets better with age"?
Let's call new version "Chianti"! CPG team will get some cheap publicity when parents of some kid will overhear him<her> talking on the phone "oh, this new Chianti was soo good and so smooth..." exactly like in this article when some kid got suspended from school for using PHP.
If CPG team will choose this path i would reccomend get the name "exstasy" or just E

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i don't like the name cpg-nuke because of 2 reasons, nuke is not a cool word because it's the name of a bomb that killed thousands of people and will perhaps kill even more (little story from the fast: the site called got every month a mail from another police station that asked why they want "to nuke cops") the other reason is the word cpg, this stands for coppermine photo gallery, and the gallery is part of it, but it's one of the modules, there are other like phpbb forum ... Surprised

another problem is that the php group does not allow people to use the word php if their script runs with php, you can only call your script/program php-myName if this tool is an addon for the php parser. so FB has to change the name php-nuke which runs on php but is not an php addon. Confused

so why don't we call it CMS... ? Very Happy
what the devs did is take the best part from php-nuke, the best from coppermine photo gallery, the best part from phpbb and they added some great addons, so we have now a real hardcore cms tool, which combines a good newssystem, a forum, an image gallery and so on. CMS = Content Management System and thats what this tool does. You can call it open-CMS, fsf-cms = fast, secure n free content management system ...


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i forgot to say that dragonfly-cms sounds good for me, and i also like the idea to take an animals name for the tool, because most opensource tools/script/programs have animals as name or logo, linux = tux, firefox, mozilla = dragon, the gimp, totoise cvs, eMule, ... Twisted Evil

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