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Dragonfly CMS CMS Find Launches - An Invitation

Posted by NukeFind on (7059 views)
As a CPG Nuke webmaster I invite everyone running CPG Nuke to take the lead and populate the CPG Nuke directory on CMSFind. Let's show the others how it's done. CMSFind is at and is a much larger site that our NukeFind site ( ) but you can list your sites in both. I know this is new, so you have an opportunity to stand out and get noticed. Google, MSN and others have started to spider the site. We have experience in starting sites like CMSFind, and started NukeFind last January. That site shot to the top of the rankings and helps webmasters around the world. Let's show our visitors the quality sites built with your CMS engine by listing them in our new database. We also encourage webmasters to voice-enable their websites with a free SIP phone from our other site at CMS Find lists Content Management Systems of every variety and format. It will become the worlds largest CMS reference database.
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