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gNOX beta 1 released

Posted by DJMaze on (3948 views)
One of the CPG-Nuke members has released his own distribution on linux on cd. Checkout the website because the theme on his dragonfly is realy cool. The gNOX 1.0 [beta] ISO is finally up, unfortunatly it has not been verified at the server end, so If anyone can notify if the md5sum doesn't match then please do asap. I hope gNOX beta works for you all - but chances are it might not, so please report any bug info that you discover in the forums.

You can get hold of your copy from the following link (http only) md5sum : fc805de00f3a83d87a535a66ee3d337f gNOX-1.0-b.iso PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not redistribute this software yet, as I wish to have a 2 week testing period before a general release. Remember - visit the forums : Best Regards, Staff



Firstly why does it use gnome 2.6
and i like ubuntu better

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Hello shimon :: in answer to your questions

gNOX uses gnome 2.6 because it requires the 2.4.x series linux kernel. I would love to use gnome 2.8, but unfortunatly that requires the 2.6.x kernel for severel key features to work.

The reason gNOX cannot use the 2.6.x linux kernel *yet* is because of gNOX is psudo-writable, using the overlay filesystem (OVLFS) This means you can install & add to the live CD in a session, as if it were installed on your PC rather than just a regular LiveCD. This also makes the use of Modules a great advantage, as a gNOX user can mix & match different modules to suit their taste, try out new software when it has been converted into a module, or create their own modules using gNOX. Modules can be added to the ISO and burnt to CD *or* my personal favourite is to use Modules on-the-fly, so If I need to use something, I can download it somewhere and just issue a command to load it into memory Smile

In the future gNOX will use kernel 2.6 & GNOME new release, but this will only be when something like unionfs is made available with kernel 2.6 compatability - untill then I will test gNOX with the current kernel.

I understand you like ubuntu, yes I like the distro too, Its a GREAT distro! ... but to compare without trying gNOX is strange, maybe you just meant the look of the desktop ?

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