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Posted by Robru on (4409 views)
Kaspersky Lab has detected a new worm which propagates using a vulnerability in phpBB, which is used to create Internet forums. The vulnerability is present in phpBB versions up to 2.0.11. The worm overwrites all .asp, .php, .htm and .shtm files on infected websites with its own code. All users of are recommended to apply the patch available in our downloads. This new worm does not represent any threat to users visiting infected sites as it will not infect computers being used to view infected sites. Available Information: Net-Worm.Perl.Santy.a



Where I can find a patch for CpgNuke ?
I have Cpg Nuke 8.2b.. and phpbb 2.0.8 ? Can I be infected with this worm? Please answer me on

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