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Dragonfly CMS Dragonfly 9.0 RC 1 Released

Posted by Trevor on (5891 views)
The CPG Dev Team is pleased to announce the immediate release of Dragonfly 9.0.0 RC 1. The 9.x series marks a new milestone in CPG-Nuke's history, enhancing the speed, security, and usability well beyond what we accomplished in our 8.x series. Some key features in 9.0 are:
  • Caching of commonly used data, such as site config
  • Template-based theme system
  • LEO (Link Engine Optimization)
  • Classes for commonly used objects
  • Search engine identification
  • New admin control system for more flexibility
  • Dragonfly theme
Our website has been updated drastically to accomodate for these massive changes. We have added a new bug reports sytem to keep track of bugs in a more organized fashion, allowing them to be fixed sooner. We've added a new Source Documentation in php.net style. Our FAQ has been rewritten so that it is now informative and usable. Please keep in mind that this is a release candidate, so there may be bugs. If you do find any, please report them here. We are in need of documentation for the final release of 9.0. If you are interested in helping us document the CMS, please contact either akamu, DJMaze, or Trevor.



I've got it installed on my test server now and it is awesome! I can't wait to get my theme ported so that I can upgrade my production site. Thanks guys! Big grin

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I've upgraded my "production" site at thompsonx3.com. Ok, it's a family site but it's there if anyone needs to test anything. Anticipating the release of the real thing so I can update other sites that I actually make money for.

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