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NEW: Dragonfly Wiki including WYSIWYG

Posted by DJMaze on (8426 views)
We are proud to announce a new system on our Dragonfly website. The new wiki allows all our members to post pages and to modify the current pages. If you don't know what a Wiki is then this page exactly describes what it is. Although the system is pre-alpha it should allow you, as member, to post any HTML documentation about our Dragonfly CMS. When you're member of our DocuMentors group the pages are updated instantly, and when you're a normal member your pages will await approval before they are added to the website. Ofcourse it makes use of our new WYSIWYG system which allows you to switch to different wysiwyg modes or just plain HTML editing. Go check it out now



It looks great. I just have one suggestion. When people are editing current posts, there should be an option to give an overview of what they edited so that the person reviewing it doesn't have to try to figure it out.

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