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Dragonfly CMS CPG Dragonfly™ CMS 9.0.1 Released

Posted by Trevor on (5162 views)
The CPG Dev Team is pleased to announce the immediate release of CPG Dragonfly™ CMS 9.0.1. CPG Dragonfly™ CMS 9 series marks a new milestone in our history, enhancing the speed, security, and usability well beyond what we accomplished in CPG-Nuke 8.x. Some key features in 9.0.1 are:
  • Caching of commonly used data, such as site config
  • Template-based theme system
  • LEO (Link Engine Optimization)
  • Classes for commonly used objects
  • Search engine identification
  • New admin control system for more flexibility
  • Dragonfly theme
  • Coppermine image watermarking
  • Group newsletters
  • Identification for Mozilla, Firefox, and Safari
Our website has been updated drastically to accommodate for these massive changes. We have added a new bug report system to keep track of bugs in a more organized fashion, allowing them to be fixed sooner. We've added a new Source Documentation in php.net style. Our new Wiki provides useful information as well as tips and tricks for getting the most out of your Dragonfly™ site. This is a final release - it is suitable for production websites.


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