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{article/topic_title} CrossNuke Modulizer and PNModulizer have been released

Posted by pukkmukk on (3193 views)
crossnuke.com is proud to announce the immediate availability of "CrossNuke Modulizer" and "CrossNuke PNModulizer"

{article/topic_title} AutoTheme HTML Theme System 1.7!

Posted by AbraCadaver on (3317 views)
The final AutoTheme 1.7 has been released! AutoTheme is the premier HTML Theme System for ALL of the Nukes! An extensive and simple Extras (plug-in) architecture is in place and being made us of in 1.7. This release squashes all known bugs and is compatible with PHP 5.x. AutoTheme 1.7 has been tested with the latest versions of MD-Pro, PostNuke, PHP-Nuke and CPG-Nuke. eNvo support is for the GPL versions of eNvo (if anyone is still using this CMS). This final release provides an online HTML editor, full page caching to speed your site up to 10 times, plus much more! As a bonus, after purchasing, email me and I will send you the new AutoConvert module that converts any PostNuke or PHP-Nuke theme into an HTML AutoTheme. Yes, PHP-Nuke themes also! Read on to see the many Extras that come with AutoTheme 1.7, and there are many more coming this month only for 1.7 users! These Extras replace many modules and do many things that were until now, not provided by any module or hack! Some in the works are Group specific themes and a mainteneance mode page... Get it, read about it, see screen shots HERE!

{article/topic_title} Invitation to a bug test

Posted by Chris420 on (2772 views)
I'm bug testing a Swishmax SQL cross portal shoutbox/chatbox that is tied to my Xoops and CPG-Nuke portal. Anyone interested in trying it out can hit either portal ;)


{article/topic_title} Free Swishmax CPG-Nuke Menu

Posted by Chris420 on (5411 views)
No registrations required. No hoops to jump through. Just a free menu suitable for any server but setup for CPG-Nuke servers by default. It's available in the free downloads section and the source code is the file you get.

It's easily adapted, sized or changed and yours for the taking.


{article/topic_title} Microsoft back in court for lawsuits stemming from antitrust

Posted by Trevor on (5370 views)
Five state counties and two cities have filed a class-action lawsuit against the software giant for using its monopoly power to deny government agencies free choice in software products and charge high prices. The legal action, filed by the city and county of San Francisco, said that Microsoft's tactics caused harm to government users of its Windows operating system and Word and Excel software.
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