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{article/topic_title} CPG Pad (Notepad) 0.2 Released!

Posted by Trevor on (4350 views)
Version 0.2 of CPG Pad (formerly known as Notepad) has been released. This version features compatibility with CPG-Nuke 8.3, a better interface, a built-in style selection system, an integrated help system (needs a lot of work in future releases) and more. Installation is very quick and incredibly simple. CPG Pad even includes an uninstaller and reinstaller! Download is available here.
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{article/topic_title} Trevor or Magical Trevor ?

Posted by DJMaze on (26183 views)
While i was cruising over the web i've found a cool flash about 1 of the developers. (actualy it was thru a link of badgerbadgerbadger.com) Somehow he was named "Magical Trevor" and he put a cow on journey. Now who was that cow ?

{article/topic_title} Notepad, v0.1 Beta Released!

Posted by Trevor on (6792 views)
Notepad v0.1 Beta has been released! This nifty add-on will allow you to swap messages with other administrators in a streamlined interface. The beta version is only for CPG-Nuke 8.2 (a/b). The final release of Notepad will feature support for all CPG-Nuke versions after 8.2. Download available here

{article/topic_title} DedicatedNOW GRAND OPENING pre-sales

Posted by DJMaze on (8653 views)
DedicatedNOW is proud to announce its much anticipated GRAND OPENING SPECIAL! DedicatedNOW has completely revamped its product line and offerings, increased bandwidth allotments, inclusive of combined bandwidth of 1200GB per month, increased server specs to include Dual XEON processors, upgraded RAM allotments to a standard of 1GB of RAM per server, and lowered pricing during our GRAND OPENING SPECIAL for a limited time only. Once the sale is over, pricing will be adjusted slightly to meet current market standards. Hurry up and order pre-sales server today, with a guaranteed delivery date of 8/6/2004!

{article/topic_title} RELEASE: AutoTheme (AT-Lite .8)!

Posted by AbraCadaver on (13564 views)
The free GPL AT-Lite .8 AutoTheme HTML Theme System has been released for CPG-Nuke, MD-Pro, PostNuke, PHP-Nuke and eNvolution!
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