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{article/topic_title} Nuke Amazon 2.6.5cpg2a Released

Posted by Phoenix on (8599 views)
Minor update 2.6.5cpg2a released to correct a minor error in the first distro that prevented blocks working correctly. Center block added, courtesy of casino-mn. Annoying PHP warning bug eliminated. More code tidied up.

{article/topic_title} Nuke Amazon Add-on Released

Posted by Phoenix on (8345 views)
Nuke Amazon version 2.6.5cpg2 is now available. This release is adapted for cpg-nuke2a and features auto install and un-install through the admin Modules panel, same as for cpg-nuke add-ons. 8)

{article/topic_title} CPG-Shop -- The Way Forward

Posted by webdev1 on (9639 views)
NEWS FLASH: Further building on the success and momemtum of CPG-Nuke, today, the Zen-Cart.com Founders Team announced the creation on a new domain, Zen-Classes.com. This will take eCommerce into the future with the great Zen-Cart, Open Source Shopping System. This new effort will be jointly developed by the CPG-Nuke development team, taking the best Open Source Shopping Cart and making Classes and Modules for integration into CPG-Nuke's future CPG-Shop dateline, California, 5/3/2004, webdev1
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