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{article/topic_title} v10 gets Emoji support

Posted by DJ Maze on (11670 views)
Dragonfly CMS slowly gets support for Unicode v7 with all Emoji's 😆
It will take a while but all 250 emoji will be supported 😓

{article/topic_title} Dragonfly CMS released!

Posted by NanoCaiordo on (1780 views)
Reference: Fixed multiple XSS vulnerabilities, some of which only theoricals, also includes bug fixes and some features. This is a very important release! Download here! Discuss here!

{article/topic_title} Dragonfly CMS v9.3.3

Posted by NanoCaiordo on (2051 views)
A new, enhanced and bug fixed, Dragonfly CMS version has just been released. We are now at v9.3.3, read release notes for more details.

{article/topic_title} OpenID/XRI ClaimedAvatar webservice

Posted by DJ Maze on (2122 views)
I've created a new login system that will be implemented in Dragonfly CMS v10. Thanks to that i've also noticed that OpenID and XRI don't have a nice way to manage your avatar. This is not the task of OpenID since it's an authentication system, not a profile system. Therefore i've launched a new webservice where you can manage your OpenID/XRI Avatar based on your claimed_id. This is different from Gravatar because this webservice will not store any personal information. To promote this service i will implement this feature in Dragonfly CMS v10 as additional option for Avatar selection. Go try the beta at: And leave a comment in the forum topic
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Posted by bigern75 on (3270 views)
Things have come up that doesn't allow me to time to mess with the site. Please contact me if you have any interest in the site.
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