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{article/topic_title} Name search goes on

Posted by akamu on (9219 views)
We were going to call the soon coming release CPG-Nuke OpenSpirit but after some searching we found the OpenSpirit® Software Corporation we contacted them:
Dears Sirs, We are the project managers for the opensource portal CPG-Nuke. We have highly modified phpnuke to be safe fast and secure as well as a host of bug fixes and new features. You can checkout our features at our site htp://cpgnuke.com/ which is running the latest version from our CVS. The reason we are writing to you is that we planned on calling this release of our content management system "CPG-Nuke 9.0 OpenSpirit". After a web search we found that you are claiming trademark on this name and ask your permission use this as a subname of our release, our software will be continued to be called CPG-Nuke but the release will be named OpenSpirit. We thank you for your time,...
They responded
We received your request for permission to use the "OpenSpirit" name for your software, but we must deny your request. We have a U.S. trademark for OpenSpirit (Registration No. 2884603, first use 1998) which is used for our suite of software products. Therefore, we are very concerned that any other software product using the OpenSpirit name would create potential confusion in the marketplace. I would appreciate if you would confirm that you have received my e-mail and that you will change the name of your software to something other than "OpenSpirit." This will avoid us having to get our attorneys involved to send a more formal letter. We do appreciate that you contacted us early on in the process. Yours truly, Dan Piette President and CEO OpenSpirit Corp.
I replied with a link to this article
Dan Piette wrote
Thanks, I appreciate the prompt response. Good luck with Dragonfly. Cheers, Dan
So the search is on..... CPG-Nuke 9.0 - Dragonfly™ (First Use 20041007)

{article/topic_title} MySQL Version 4.1 Certified as Production-Ready

Posted by akamu on (4438 views)
MySQL Version 4.1 Certified as Production-Ready 27 October 2004
Open Source Database is Faster & More Reliable Thanks to Feedback from Global User Community CUPERTINO, Calif. — MySQL AB, developer of the world's most popular open source database, today announced the general availability of MySQL® 4.1. Certified by the company as production-ready for large-scale enterprise deployment, this significant upgrade to the MySQL database server features advanced querying capabilities through subqueries, faster and more secure client-server communication, new installation and configuration tools, and support for international character sets (utf-8 ) and geographic data. MySQL 4.1 can be downloaded now at http://dev.mysql.com/.

{article/topic_title} Block Pack

Posted by earthinhabitant on (2722 views)
Just wanted to let you all know about a new block pack! Was surfing net looking for blocks, spending so much time, that figured we all could use them in one ez download to save time. You can check it out at earthinhabitant.com Click Here Have a newer version to release soon, however sure current one is worth time to grab now!

{article/topic_title} CPG-Nuke Files NOW OPEN!

Posted by corky on (2876 views)
Hello all, You've guys been waiting for a CPG-Nuke Files site, and its finally here, I want to thank Bigern75 for adding downloads, we have 97 as of now but more will be added as the site progresses. This is a site to get CPG-Nuke Files and get help with blocks, modules, etc..... Hope you guy can help make this site big. Thank you, Cpg-Nuke Files Staff. CPG-Nuke Files

{article/topic_title} New Comunidade CPGNUKE

Posted by Vicente_Medeiros on (2232 views)
Hello friends would like to publish one more Community in CPGNUKE it is the Biologist's Club. This paginates and destined to biologists, students and impassioned by biology, as well as for everybody that would like to know a little about the life and to understand your importance for the world. www.clubedobiologo.com.br www.cpgnukeonline.com.br We are a nonprofit organization looking for all the biologists' union as well as all the lovers of the nature, with the objective of finding the best solutions for the partner-environmental problems, through understanding events and of technician-scientific projects in the environmental area. Which wants contribution it will be well Coming. Vicente Medeiros President presidente@clubedobiologo.com.br Club of the Biologist
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