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{article/topic_title} New Community

Posted by nuketemala on (2489 views)
We are proud to announce the www.phpnuke-guatemala.net has join us and now running cpgnuke as main cms. We are officially supporting phpnuke and cpgnuke. We are offering a sort of free services to the cms community. And our submit news module is open to any user. At the same time we want to inform that the new forum is open and we like to invite you the visit the brand new face of www.phpnuke-guatemala.net :-D

{article/topic_title} UT Chatterbox update

Posted by Chris420 on (3111 views)
My Chatterbox block for CPG-Nuke, PHP-Nuke and Xoops 2 now features a detachable MP3 player that many users requested (popups MUST be allowed) and it is still on the player itself for users who want a choice. The whole MP3 feature can be disabled in it's admin panel and not even show on load. The MP3 remote and Chatterbox itself now feature rotating backgrounds set for 5 rotations once every 60 seconds. This can of course be changed to an infinite number by editing the sprite and backside. Chatterbox now also supports hyperlinked text. My own in house Chatterbox is a cross portal box with my Xoop portal. This is to replace the headers cross portal shoutbox that is being switched out for winter. My website now has a secure update area for premium members to update to the latest versions of their packages. Choose "Upstate Updates" from the main menu. I have a new Baseball Ticker I use for announcements. Keep your eye on that for the latest news on anything UT. All update packages will be online by his evening. http://www.upstatetemplates.com

{article/topic_title} Upstate Forum Switch

Posted by Chris420 on (3201 views)
I've integrated the infamous phpforflash forum to all my portals for use as the default. Existing users will use the same login/pass for the board they use for the server and new users will be added automatically during their CPG-Nuke registration. The forum requires a one time login to place it's cookie for future visits. I've also dropped the standard Shoutbox and Contact modules and both of these functions are now integrated as part of the header as newly coded Swishmax routines. Though I support Xoops as a portal, CPG-Nuke is still my base of operations and is the portal I recommend to all new users looking to start a website. It will ALWAYS contain my newest items and offer the most free code of all my portals and in my opinion, it's the best damn portal made!

{article/topic_title} Invitation to a bug test

Posted by Chris420 on (2831 views)
I'm bug testing a Swishmax SQL cross portal shoutbox/chatbox that is tied to my Xoops and CPG-Nuke portal. Anyone interested in trying it out can hit either portal ;) http://www.upstatetemplates.com

{article/topic_title} Upstate Spreads It's Eggs

Posted by Chris420 on (8415 views)

I've upgraded all aspects of my server and Upstate Templates is now a multi-portal system. This will allow me to generate a few bucks for the costs, offer a mixed bag of free and premium content, and promote dynamic Swishmax and Flash in general. The only way to effectively test code for a portal is to tap into it live and the only way to do that is run one. The first 3 installed are CPG-Nuke (of course!), Xoops 2 and RunCMS (eXoops). Every item for CPG-Nuke is a dual purpose item that also has all files commented for use in PHP-Nuke. All items are tested on a PHP-Nuke portal I run that does not take hits but is used for development. I plan on taking on 1-2 more opensource portals and have already downloaded eNvolution and e107 to install and toss around with to see what all the hullabaloo is about ;)

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