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{article/topic_title} DragonflyCMS New Block System Tutorial

Posted by Dizfunkshunal on (3908 views)
The next version of DragonflyCMS will have a new block system with a few added features. In the past new changes have confused some people and made it difficult for new users of DragonflyCMS to figure out how to use the system. Which is perfectly understandable. Anything new takes us all time to adjust and learn. I have made a tutorial to show everyone how to use the new block system to make the transition from the old block system to the new easy and fast. The new block admin section has completely changed. As well as the added ability to choose what position you want each block in (left, right, center up, or center down) per module. Enough of me talking have a look see for yourself Click HERE .

{article/topic_title} Open Source CMS Award, 2007

Posted by greenday2k on (2816 views)
www.PacktPub.com. has opened Nominations for its Open Source CMS Award, 2007, there are a few categories, where DragonFly CMS could compete and win: * Overall Winner, Open Source CMS Award (prizes: 1. $5,000, 2. $3,000, 3. $2,000 ) * Most Promising Open Source Content Management System * Best Open Source PHP Content Management System (prize : $2,000 ) * Best Other Open Source Content Management System * Best Open Source Social Networking Content Management System

{article/topic_title} Thousand points of Dragonfly

Posted by Rayvenhaus on (3087 views)
I'd like to take a moment to announce the Thousand Points of Dragonfly campaign. Back in 1989, George Bush, Sr. was taking office for the first time. During his inaugural speech, he made this comment;

{article/topic_title} more tutorials

Posted by Dizfunkshunal on (3122 views)
Well I have made a few more tutorials. admin tutorials : 1. Blocks - activating and positioning. 2. Blocks - add, remove, changing. 3. Editing Meta Tags 4. How to Delete a user (NOT RECOMMENDED) 5. How to turn on LEO (Link Engine Optimization) 6. Maintenance Mode ON/OFF 7. UnBan yourself and/or a regular member

{article/topic_title} The Official Dragonfly CMS Toolbar

Posted by radiogetswild on (4327 views)

The Official Dragonfly CMS Toolbar

By kind permission of DJ Maze we would like to present to you the Dragonfly CMS Toolbar. This toolbar has auto update so we have started the basic links within it including 2 way notice board for module and theme releases, along with RSS and website links and links to other friendly dragonfly resources. read more for full current features


If you would like to be included with your website links to your resources and RSS news please drop me an email. There's support for both explorer and firefox toolbars. What would you like to see on your toolbar that would be most useful and handy for everyone. I.E. from users to developers. See read more for further info click the banner for the download page for the toolbar cheers to you all (to see just what's possible check out RGW Toolbar with webcam recording and editing. here.. Have a wicked 2007 everyone... Tim Station Founder Radio Gets Wild

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