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{article/topic_title} TRN v1.2(BETA) for CPG-Nuke

Posted by SkyFox on (8446 views)
Do you want to be able to host your own online Tournaments? Well, that is exactly what TRN is for. As admin, you create, edit, and delete types for easy setup of future tournaments. You can create tournaments with any settings you want and feel free to edit the tournament later or end it period. As admin, you don't do anything but create and start the tournament. Players sign-up on their own time, make teams(if enabled) on their own time, report their own games, and etc. TRN is...

{article/topic_title} 144 Free AutoThemes!

Posted by AbraCadaver on (11381 views)
I have converted 144 free themes to the AutoTheme HTML Theme System. They are now easily edited in an HTML editor and customizable with all of the power of AutoTheme. These are previously released themes, but now they are easily modified by anyone and all module pages and blocks are customizable with HTML templates! Also, add simple AutoTheme tag commands in to the HTML to add things like a search field, login field, date/time, etc... These themes run on all of the AutoTheme supported platforms, unmodified; currently, PostNuke, PHP-Nuke, MD-Pro, CPG-Nuke and eNvo. Preview and Download Check the preview and download block on the right. Some may need minor HTML editing, with the most common issue being the image path in the image src or background. These are great starting points for you to easily create your own special theme using only HTML!

{article/topic_title} Nuke Amazon 2.6.5cpg2a Released

Posted by Phoenix on (8590 views)
Minor update 2.6.5cpg2a released to correct a minor error in the first distro that prevented blocks working correctly. Center block added, courtesy of casino-mn. Annoying PHP warning bug eliminated. More code tidied up.

{article/topic_title} Nuke Amazon Add-on Released

Posted by Phoenix on (8337 views)
Nuke Amazon version 2.6.5cpg2 is now available. This release is adapted for cpg-nuke2a and features auto install and un-install through the admin Modules panel, same as for cpg-nuke add-ons. 8)
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