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{article/topic_title} activo / returns

Posted by ofigustavo on (3941 views)
Despues de algun tiempo desactivado, hemos vuelto a abrir la web -esta vez para siempre-cpgnuke hispano. Faltan muchas cosas por traducir y subir para descarga, asi que llevara su tiempo. Espero que les guste la web, asi como tambien esperamos colaboradores. saludos a todos. webmaster

{article/topic_title} 2006 International RGW Party Time Video The Howlers featuring DJ Maze

Posted by radiogetswild on (5533 views)

Here is just 15 mins of footage from the Radio Gets Wild Party Featureing DJ MAZE our sad first attempt at karaoke (believe me the Indy and unsigned artists are so extremely safe lol but saying that we had sooo much fun Many thanks to all that came from around the world. as far away as from South Africa, Holland USA Ireland, Canada, CLICK READ MORE TO VIEW VIDEO

{article/topic_title} Experienced programmer

Posted by DaveTomneyUK on (5423 views)
I am currently looking for an experienced developer to make a new "Top Site" script. The person I choose must be advanced in PHP and MySQL commands as well as security issues. Please contact me here if you are interested.

{article/topic_title} New Greek Site for CPG-Nuke ! Νέα ιστοσελίδα για το CPG-nuke!

Posted by emet on (6603 views)
A new site open the doors for greek users that uses or wanna user GPG-Nuke portal we waiting for you! Ένα νέο site άνοιξε για το Ελληνικό κοινό για το CPG-nuke σας περιμένουμε!

{article/topic_title} CPGNukeHispano open

Posted by xGaizka on (5727 views)
CPGNukeHispano is open, to give support for the spanish talking people that use CPGNuke. Based on Dragonfly, we have forums, tutorials, an spanish pack included download, and many more things, all in spanish. Come in and join this new community.
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